Our company

Delivering quality building solutions since 1951

Tomkins is a family owned and operated construction company that has been delivering quality building solutions across the industry for over 70 years. We design and construct a wide variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and retail projects including special heritage ventures to each client’s unique specifications.

With a strong commitment to investing in our people, the suite of skills and experience our team bring to project delivery is second-to-none. In turn, this has allowed us to deliver on strategic corporate objectives for continued growth and divisional recognition in the Queensland and New South Wales markets. Over the years we’ve also built a strong and loyal network of subcontractors and suppliers who help us deliver a quality product each and every time.

One of the greatest compliments Tomkins receives is the extent of repeat business. Our clients enjoy the relationship that is built as Tomkins works with them on delivering successful project outcomes — and so do we.


Our founder, Mike Tomkins, places great value in his family’s tradition of builders who start their own companies.

From a young man learning his trade under his father’s tutelage, Mike has taken his strong understanding of building practices and developed a commercial building company. When starting Tomkins Commercial, Mike wanted to build his own legacy but remain committed to the family values that have held the Tomkins name in good stead since 1951.

From humble beginnings focused on special projects and community works, Tomkins Commercial is now looking towards the future as one of Queensland’s most reputable building companies.

Our Values


We strive to make daily decisions that show sound moral and ethical principles and thus build trust and effective interpersonal relationships.


We show consideration for one another, recognise each other’s differences, and seek to truly understand and respond to the needs and expectations of our external and internal stakeholders.


We have curious minds to seek new perspectives to challenges, and test if the typical method is the best option for the best outcome.


We take pride in our inner drive to excel and evolve as professionals which we display through our energy, confidence and enthusiasm for what we do every day.


We have an unrelenting focus on increasing safety awareness to better identify and action safer work practices to create a safe work environment for ourselves and others.


We have a demonstrated willingness to take responsibility for our own actions and the actions of our team.