Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Mosque, Stockleigh


Ahmadiyya Muslim Association


Stockleigh, QLD

Completion date


This project won from a competitive tender process with the Client then underwent a collaborative Value Engineering phase to achieve the ultimate Principal Project Requirements. With the growing AMA Community functioning out of an existing residential building located on their very large 14,850m2 Rural zoned property they faced increasing need to establish a specific and purpose built facility to cater toward their future.

The design intent of the new Community Facility was to create a large and open building incorporating much of the exciting form and function of quintessential Byzantine Architecture. Whilst this building did not have a large budget allowing for the myriad of detailed mosaic works and intricate decorative plaster filigree of other examples (Arabesques), it has produced an exceptional result.The project team worked hard with the pre-cast concrete tilt-up wall panels displaying a series of geometric motifs and the typical Persian arch forms. The use of a low pitch contemporary roof structure allowed for a column free floor area internally.A reduced scale Minaret was constructed adjacent to main building with the tops of both having prefabricated fibreglass Copulas (domes) featured. This element required strict adherence to design criteria to ensure the structure was built with adequate connection, support and weatherproofing whilst not affecting the integrity of the fibreglass units. Internally the large open meeting hall highlights and features the main roof Copula and has been decorated with feature plaster work and lighting.



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