COVID-19 Response

Like many industries, Tomkins is responding to the challenges that have come with COVID-19. Our focus remains on protecting the wellbeing of our people, and those we work with, while ensuring business continuity.

In accordance with our COVID-19 Management Plan and government advice, we have implemented stringent protocols to minimise risk as this situation evolves.

Given the considerable consequences that we face in our communities, limiting the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is the responsibility of all parties and we continue to monitor the situation and communicate with our employees, partners and the wider community to implement the necessary protection measures.

Currently our project sites and offices are operating in line with government advice and strict safety measures which include:

  • Provision of personal sanitising products
  • Increased cleaning of offices, sites and amenities
  • Maintaining social distancing requirements
  • Restriction of non-essential work travel
  • External meetings now occurring via virtual communication mediums
  • Managing and reconfiguring site meetings, lunchrooms and other facilities using social distancing
  • Implementing distancing requirements for operational equipment such as hoists and lifts
  • Regular communication, with provision of information materials for site inductions, Toolbox Talks and pre-start meetings to educate and update on social distancing and hygiene measures.

In addition to these measures all employees are encouraged to self-isolate in accordance with the latest federal and state government requirements.

We remain committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of our people as we navigate this unprecedented event.