QUT – Lift and Amenities Upgrade


Queensland University of Technology (QUT)


Brisbane, QLD



Completion date


Tomkins has recently completed a Special Projects job at the Queensland University of Technology”s Gardens Point campus. Major works included the demolition and full refurbishment of existing offices, demolition and major upgrade of toilet amenities across all three levels and installation of a new lift shaft in the core of the building, all within a heritage-listed building (A Block). Modern materials were utilised in this refurbishment project whilst also tying in with the heritage-listed building”s look and feel.

There were some unique challenges our team faced with this building due to its heritage-listed status and all care was taken to ensure the original building was not damaged during works.As the site is located within one of QUT”s busiest campuses at Hardens Point, the noise had to be minimized to the fullest extent during the day and no noise could be made during the night as the Parliament Sleeping quarters are right next door. This meant the team had a tight 1.5hrs each day to do noisy works. This was Tomkins first project working with QUT. Regular meetings were held with QUT”s Facilities Management and Project Management Firm Donald Cant Watts Corke to accommodate any requirements they may have had. A positive working relationship was upheld throughout the life of the project, and Tomkins looks forward to working with QUT on future projects.



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