The Beachfront Buddina – Community Updates

17 May 2024

Dear Buddina Community,

We hope that this message finds you well. It has been a while since our last project updated and much has happened.

You will no doubt have noticed that our hoist and second tower crane has now been removed. We are also dropping scaffold with the final form of our buildings becoming visible. We are pleased with the result and we believe that the buildings is living up to the design intent. Our project team is proud to be contributing such a striking architectural contribution to the Buddina community.

Since the end of last year, the unusually wet weather has been difficult to work with and our program has had to be extended. We are working hard to bring the project timeframe back to what was proposed, however, there is the chance that construction activities will be occurring in September.

Much of the significant construction operations are not yet complete with some mobile crane set-ups and concrete pours required as we finish off the remaining works. As always this will be done in accordance with the permit conditions and using the services our qualified traffic management contractor.

We will also be undertaking works to upgrade the road verge and kerbs around site. There will be some interruption to the roadways during this time, so we ask that you pay close attention to the direction of our traffic controllers.

We will continue to update the community through updates to this web page and via the regular emailing list that we have been using throughout the project.

Thank you for your cooperation.

30 March 2023

Work is progressing well at The Beachfront Buddina Project. The Tomkins Team have recently completed a number of project milestones onsite, with the construction program remaining on schedule. With basement works now complete, the building is starting to take shape as it comes out of the ground. Recent project milestones and updates include:

  • All columns and walls from Basement up to Level 1 are now complete.
  • Level 2 suspended slabs are now complete and work on Level 3 is underway.
  • A temporary Concrete Pumping Zone has been established in accordance with Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) traffic management requirements.
    • NB: You can see this area demarcated on eastern side of the site (Pacific Blvd).
  • The site’s second tower crane has been installed and is now operational.
    • NB: A loading zone off Talinga Street has been established.
  • The sites dewatering system, previously located on the corner of Talinga St and Iluka Ave has now been decommissioned and removed.

All traffic management zones continue to be operated by our licenced traffic management company who are working hard to ensure the safety of all road users and pedestrians during construction.

Tomkins understand that construction can sometimes cause disruption to local amenity, traffic flow and pedestrian movement. We continue to actively update our neighbours and local residents during construction with any potentially disruptive activities.

Tomkins values our local community stakeholders and relationships, and we look forward to delivering a value adding development for the local area. We anticipate project completion in mid-2024 – subject to any delays including wet weather.

Please forward any questions you may have about this development to, where your enquiry will be responded to by a relevant member of the Tomkins Team. Click below to view the latest project update videos via Tomkins’ YouTube channel.

The Beachfront Buddina – Project Update (March 2023)


21 November 2022

Work continues to progress onsite at The Beachfront Buddina Project – despite a number of recent rain events. The Tomkins Team have now completed all excavation or “bulk out” works of this project. Concrete basement slabs have all been poured and the Yongmao STT293A-18 Electric Flat Top Tower Crane has been erected. Click below to view these project milestones via Tomkins’ YouTube channel.

Commencing on Saturday, 1 October the Tomkins Team have turned off all onsite flood lights at night as part of our commitment to the long-term viability of turtles nesting on Buddina Beach. The “turtle lighting design” remains a major focus given the project’s proximity to known turtle nesting sites.

With Tomkins’ consultants having completed their assessment of the building’s artificial lighting in order to meet the strict SCC requirements for turtle protection – Tomkins are proactively consulting and continuing open dialogue with both SCC and local community groups.

We are proud to be working closely with Energex, SCC and the local community to ensure there is no environmental impact to the turtle nesting site.

During October, the project’s undergrounding works were completed in conjunction with Energex, with all surrounding power lines now buried and streetlights installed. As part of this project’s Development Approval, undergrounding works involved burying surrounding overhead power lines running along Iluka Avenue and Pacific Boulevard.

The site team are progressing the formwork for level one’s suspended slab, with the first level one concrete pour due to commence shortly. The Tomkins team remain on schedule and on budget to deliver this premier development!

The Beachfront Buddina – Tower Crane Installation

The Beachfront Buddina – Basement Concrete Pour


5 August 2022

Tomkins has now completed approximately 50% of the excavation or “bulk out” of this project. Local residents may have noticed an increased volume of construction vehicle traffic accessing the main gate via Talinga Street as spoil is transported from site. Our licenced traffic management company has been operating on Talinga Street to ensure the safety of all road users and pedestrians.

Over the past few weeks the sites infrastructure works on the western boundary have progressed. This has included the first stage of sewer diversion works and completion of the underground high voltage conduits. A section of the Iluka Avenue footpath was temporarily occupied to allow for the safe completion of these works – the Iluka Avenue footpath is now fully unobstructed, and Tomkins would like to thank all local residents for your patience during this time.

The basement retention works are ongoing with sheet pile anchoring currently underway.

Our dewatering system has been commissioned and is operating in accordance with Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) development codes and environmental engineers’ requirements. You can see this green and yellow equipment installed in the north-west corner of site. This equipment will be in operation until we construct the second level of the building structure.

Our consultants have completed their assessment of building artificial lighting in order to meet the strict SCC requirements for turtle protection. The “turtle lighting design” (as we call it) is a big focus for our project.

Looking forward to upcoming works; and once the bulk excavation is complete we will commence construction of the basement. This will involve the establishment of traffic management zones on Pacific Boulevard and Talinga Street to be used for concrete pumping and crane loading activities. As always, these areas will be managed by our licenced traffic management company in accordance with SCC traffic management requirements.

During the September school holidays, the project’s undergrounding works are scheduled for the existing overhead power lines running along Iluka Avenue and Pacific Boulevard. Tomkins will provide further updates in the coming weeks regarding this operation.


1 June 2022

Tomkins is taking measures to always ensure community safety. The use of traffic and pedestrian management is essential to this. You may notice some changes to roads and footpaths and if you do; please follow the directions of our qualified traffic controllers who are there to look out for all road users.

You may notice some vibrations form our works. Especially during sheet piling activities. Vibrations are a normal part of the construction process. We have a qualified vibration management engineer assisting us with planning and monitoring and we expect levels to be within acceptable limits.


20 May 2022

Tomkins Commercial & Industrial Builders Pty Ltd have been awarded the contract to construct The Beachfront Buddina residential project. Tomkins operate a local office on the Sunshine Coast. The project is located in Buddina on the corners of Talinga Street, Iluka Street and Pacific Blvd. The project consists of demolition of existing houses, new residential apartments across eight levels, basement carparking, corner store and associated external works.

Tomkins are aware of the impact this project may have on the nesting turtles both during construction and following completion. Tomkins have engaged an environment consultant that specialise in this field and has a long standing relationship with the Sunshine Coast Council. They will work alongside our design consultants to ensure development conditions are met. Tomkins have also worked with this consultant and council and met all conditions on another recently completed project along the same coastline.

Tomkins understand that construction can cause disruption to local amenity, traffic flow and pedestrian ways. Tomkins will continue to keep neighbours up-to-date during construction with any potentially disruptive activities that may affect local residents. We anticipate project completion in mid-2024 – subject to any delays including wet weather.

A status of upcoming works is below. Specific details will be provided to close neighbours via letterbox drop and/or email.

  • HV underground conduit works requiring some works on Iluka Ave footpath, north end – in progress
  • Sewer diversion works, requiring some works on Iluka Ave footpath, south end – awaiting authority approvals
  • Sheet piling to commence end May 2022 – vibration monitoring to be installed prior to commencement
  • Dewatering to commence mid June 2022 – to lower water table for excavation of basement
  • Bulk excavation to commence late June 2022 – truck movements in and out of Talinga Street site entrance
  • HV works – Energex undergrounding of overhead powerlines on Iluka and Pacific Blvd to commence September 2022. (School holidays)

Tomkins values our local community relationships and we look forward to delivering a value adding development for the local area. Please forward any queries to where your enquiry will be responded to by the relevant person.