TradeMutt presents at the Tomkins Cadet Luncheon

This week Tomkins Commercial welcomed TradeMutt to the first Tomkins Cadet Luncheon for 2023. Guest speaker Shannen Cooper, TradeMutt’s Business Development Manager shared their important message about caring for the mental health of yourself and those around you. All in attendance heard great examples of how small acts, like a simple conversation, can make a big difference.

Thank you Shannen for sharing the ethos of TradeMutt and your story – illustrating how openness, honesty and vulnerability is what’s required to talk about mental health struggles in the modern workplace!

At Tomkins we recognise the importance of developing mental health awareness in our early career professionals. Initiatives like TradeMutt and TIACS help our young professionals build their skills and service delivery around mental health awareness – something they can carry with them throughout their careers.

Tomkins is proud of our cadetship program which has seen numerous students become fully qualified members of the Tomkins team. In fact, 80% of our project managers are previous Tomkins cadets who have come up through the ranks! The Tomkins cadetship program began in 1990 and is industry leading in its approach to training, mentoring, industry networking, events and experience.